Series I: Historic Ketchum Tees - Slavey's Blue | Unisex

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  • Series I: Historic Ketchum Tees - Slavey's Blue | Unisex
  • Series I: Historic Ketchum Tees - Slavey's Blue | Unisex

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  • When we moved to Ketchum in 2013 and the shop was still a distant dream, we spent a lot of time listening to stories and reading about the history of the area; we wanted to know about this place we now called home. The bar was named after the last name of the first owner and Slavey's tales are some of the most vibrant, and present for those who have lived and vacationed here for decades. As the first in a historic series, our hope is that through these T-shirts a part of the history is remembered, shared and celebrated.
  • Water based ink on 100% combed cotton
  • Distressed print
  • Fits is true to size, for a more fitted T size down
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  • Made in the USA
  • A card with the maker’s story is included with purchase

  • The Story
    Series I Historic Ketchum T-Shirts by Independent Goods

    Ketchum, Idaho
    Cira 1950s-1980s
    Ketchum was officially founded in 1880. As any town in America, it has transformed itself over the decades, once the largest sheep ranching area in the USA, now a beloved ski & summer recreation area. Located on the corner of Sun Valley & Main Street where The Warfield now stands. It was the kind of place where dancing on the tables was encouraged and icons from Bing Crosby to the Steve Miller Band were known to hang out. If you meet a longtime local ask them to tell you their favorite Slavey’s story - almost everyone has one. The T-shirts are a celebration of the history and memories of yesteryear, with the hope that the history is preserved.

    Photos & Text: Independent Goods

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