Quilts Handcrafted in Idaho

$ 500.00 

  • Quilts Handcrafted in Idaho
  • Quilts Handcrafted in Idaho
  • Quilts Handcrafted in Idaho

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  • When someone is following their passion it shows. This is exactly how we felt when we saw Jill's work for the first time. These are heirloom quality, made to be used, loved + easy care.  Whether for a bedroom, to take with you on picnics or as a couch throw this will soon become you go-to quilt.
  • Modern Design
  • Size:  58" x 60" Material/s: Cotton with incredibly soft, minky fabric back
  • Care: Machine Wash | Low Dryer
  • Details for each colorway: White & Grey: grey pipping and white minky backing | Black & White: black pipping and black minky backing | Green & Blue: green pipping and blue minky backing
  • Additional photos, or video chat of product, please email us info@independentgoods.com
  • Made in the USA
  • A card with the maker’s story is included with purchase

  • Maker's Story
    J. Coterie
    Bellevue, Idaho
    Founded in 2017

    co·te·rie, noun, an intimate group of persons with a unifying common interest, shared tastes, or purpose

    Jill considers herself an accidental quilter. Although her mother tried to teach her to sew, Jill just didn’t have the time for it (or interest). Fast forward 30 years, a friend took her along to buy quilting fabric, somehow Jill walked out with some of her own, signed up for a class and has now found her passion, creating her own designs. Each quilted item is handmade made by Jill, they are meant to be used, displayed, loved and shared with your own coterie.

    Photos: Independent Goods | Text: Independent Goods

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