• Long and Lovely Necklace - Gold Filled

Long and Lovely Necklace - Gold Filled

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Product Details
  • Length: 40"
  • Material/s: 14K gold filled
  • Additional Details: thirteen hand cut and hammered discs, evenly spaced throughout the necklace, it can be worn long or doubled up
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Maker's Story
    Jamison Rae Jewelry
    Boise, Idaho
    Founded in 2010
    Jamison and Aaron Olson strive to make the jewelry that you don’t have to think about. Pieces that are timeless, always fit, and will stay with you. Their designs are inspired by the women who wear them, and doing their little part to make them feel like the beautiful babes that they are.

    Photos: Jamison Rae

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