Bird Home Urban

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  • Bird Home Urban
  • Bird Home Urban
  • Bird Home Urban
  • Bird Home Urban

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Product Details
  • Inspired by the Case Study Program from the 1950's the Urban Bird Home is designed for the little brown birds (House Finch , House Wren, etc..) in your neighborhood. See video below where designer Peter talks about the creation of the bird homes.
  • Materials: Four layers of Hardwood Veneer, Poplar facade, American Walnut exterior, solid cedar roof, and an aluminum back door for easy cleaning out after each season (all sourced from USA)
  • Size: Length 6" | Width 9" | Height 7"
  • Colors: Blue or Orange
  • BirdHomes can be mounted on a wall or hung with included cable
  • The BirdHomes are suitable for exterior use by way of low VOC exterior grade paint, water-based sealants and waterproof glues and stainless steel fasteners
  • See also the Mid Century Design
  • Made in the USA

  • Maker's Story
    Five Ply Design
    Seattle, Washington
    Founded in 2006

    As a child Peter Benarcik was usually found in two places: helping his mom at a floral shop designing bouquets, or woodworking with his Dad. These creative environments were the beginnings of his design education. Today, Peter is an award winning multi-discipline designer who is driven by function and solving existing problems in a new way. He is not trying to reinvent the wheel rather he is trying to look at the wheel a little differently. Each piece is thoughtfully handmade in the Seattle studio, and can be found in homes and museums throughout the USA.

    Photos & Video: Five Ply Design | Text: Independent Goods

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