Analog Waking Clock

$ 299.00 

  • Analog Waking Clock
  • Analog Waking Clock
  • Analog Waking Clock
  • Analog Waking Clock
  • Analog Waking Clock
  • Analog Waking Clock

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  • OneClock is an analog alarm clock with science-backed sounds that gently lift you out of sleep in a peaceful, more natural way. Built to last generations with sustainably sourced materials and a timeless design.
  • Super low light emission, 100% silent 
  • Music Composed by Grammy award-winning artists 
  • Touch sensitive night light 
  • Swiss designed clock movement 
  • Tectonic Labs BMR speaker 
  • USB-C cord with US plug adapter, internal backup power system 
  • To mimic natural awakening, compositions gently increase in volume, fading in gradually before continuing at the volume of your choice
  • OneClock uses the innate biological power of melody versus simple, unrefined alarm tones
  • OneClock partnered with a Sonic Strategist (yes, that’s a thing) to sift through mountains of research to find the best tones, tempos, frequencies, structures, and instruments to wake you up. In the end, they took everything they learned and arranged it into a detailed sonic brief for musicians to use when composing music for OneClock
  • Colors: Red or White
  • Materials: Powder coated aluminum, solid white oak and glass
  • Size: 4.4" x 3.5" x 7.1"
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs
  • Made in the USA
  • A card with the maker’s story is included with purchase

  • Maker's Story
    Boulder + Denver, Colorado
    Founded in 2021
    Founder Jamie and his wife decided to remove their phones from their bedroom and when they were unable to find an alarm clock that wasn’t intrusive, the idea of OneClock was born; create a way to wake up differently. When OneClock’s alarm is activated, the AI music generator randomly chooses one of the songs stored on the clock’s solid state memory and remixes it by adjusting the levels of each instrument or vocal for infinite combinations. It’s subtle, but noticeable and you will never hear a song the same way twice. Ever.  The music is created by Jon Natchez, renowned composer and multi-instrumentalist of The War on Drugs. OneClock is a way to pare down and simplify your life and start your day differently. Proudly made in Colorado. Text: Independent Goods | Photos: OneClock

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