Turbo Flyer

$ 20.00 

  • Turbo Flyer
  • Turbo Flyer
  • Turbo Flyer
  • Turbo Flyer
  • Turbo Flyer
  • Turbo Flyer

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Product Details
  • Made by hand and assembled in Michigan one by one
  • Wing Span: 12" 
  • Non-toxic water-based ink
  • Environmentally friendly velcro-lock cardboard case
  • Award winning original design by Tait Design Co
  • Made in the USA

  • Maker's Story
    Tait Design Co.
    Detroit, Michigan
    Founded in 2013
    Matt Tait founded Tait Design Co. as a side project while working as an associate creative director in advertising.  The first product he designed, screen printed and assembled by hand was the Turbo Flyer. The Turbo Flyer went to be featured by the AIGA National Gallery in New York as on of the 33 best-designed products of 2013. 

    Photos | Video: Tait Design Co.


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