Tumbler Planter - Pansy & Zinnia (Certified Non-GMO Seeds)

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  • Tumbler Planter - Pansy & Zinnia (Certified Non-GMO Seeds)
  • Tumbler Planter - Pansy & Zinnia (Certified Non-GMO Seeds)

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  • The makers tested and tested to come up with an easy way to grow indoors all within timeless, beautiful vessels. It's hydroponic baby.  These tumblers can be re-used and loved for a long time. 
  • Simple, self-watering and fertile with success. Just add water.
  • Planter Materials: colored glass planter with an extended gold rim | Stainless steel net pot that wicks water up to the plant’s roots
  • Size: 7” h x 4” w 
  • Weight: 1lb 6oz
  • Designed to be reused
  • Assembled in Chicago of domestic and imported components
  • A card with the maker’s story is included with purchase

  • Includes
  • Certified Non-GMO Sherbet Pansy Seeds
  • Certified Non-GMO Apricot Zinnia Seeds
  • Coral Glass Cylinder
  • Extended Gold Stainless Steel 
  • Net Pot
  • Coconut Husk Growing Medium
  • Activated Carbon
  • Plant Food
  • Instruction Manual

  • Maker's Story
    Modern Sprout
    Chicago, Illinois
    Founded in 2013

    Founders Sarah and Nick were living in a small apartment in Chicago, loved cooking and gardening, however, were having a hard time growing fresh herbs. They knew there had to be a way, and were relentless in trying different methods of cultivation indoors. They discovered hydroponic growing and immersed themselves. Their home became an edible jungle while they tested and learned, and through this process Modern Sprout was born. Their mission is to uncomplicate indoor gardening. By using the logic of hydroponics redesigned into beautiful, space-savvy products. Allowing individuals and families to grow organic, fresh herbs and more at home.

    Photos: Modern Sprout | Text: Independent Goods

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